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Steam Inhaler Cup (5SI2)

Steam inhalation has long been a widely used method of clearing the airways, where the warming and moisturising effects loosen and soften mucus and catarrh

 £5.00 Exc VAT
 £6.00 Inc VAT
Steam Inhaler Cup

Pillmate Multi-Dose Week 19025 (PB2)

Suitable for up to four times daily medication for one week of four weeks once daily.

 £3.91 Exc VAT
 £4.69 Inc VAT
Pillmate Multi-Dose Week 19025

Pillmate Pillcutter 19022 (PB3)

Handy tool for splitting tablets in two halves for easy swallowing

 £2.08 Exc VAT
 £2.50 Inc VAT
Pillmate Pillcutter 19022

Pillmate Pillchest 19021 (PB5)

Makes life easier by organising medication.

 £9.99 Exc VAT
 £11.99 Inc VAT
Pillmate Pillchest 19021

Economy Weekday Pill Dispenser (SMEPILLD)

Ideal for people taking larger numbers of tablets/capsules up to four times a day.

 £5.00 Exc VAT
 £6.00 Inc VAT
Economy Weekday Pill Dispenser

Luxury Weekday Pill Dispenser (SMPILLD)

As Economy with attractive closable carry pouch.

 £7.92 Exc VAT
 £9.50 Inc VAT
Luxury Weekday Pill Dispenser

7 Day Pill Organiser - Small (SMPOS)

This pill reminder is a durable and convenient pill container with 7 daily comparments.

 £0.77 Exc VAT
 £0.92 Inc VAT
7 Day Pill Organiser - Small

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